You still do porn?

I’m not really sure why you’re asking me this question.
But because you seem SO interested in porn… here you go. 

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i dont remember unfollowing you, anyways i suddenly remembered your blog and im glad ur back to blogging

I don’t blog here much. Maybe once or twice a month. 
I use this URL as my public blog and then I have a private one that I use for just daily random blogging. 


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Can you PLEASE tell me where you got your PB wig and how you made your crown??

Well, I have a few different PB wigs [About 4 of them] So it depends on which one. 
Ebay, GothicLolitaWigs, and’s wig store are my usual wig purchasing places.

As far as my crown goes I made mine out of metal.
I’ll be making a tutorial on  how to make an easier foam version. 
I’ll also be doing a tutorial on how to make my peppermint Butler prop. 
Here is a link to my youtube.
The tutorial videos should be up within the next week or so.
I hope. 

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What contacts did you use for your princess bubblegum cosplay?
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